Woody Allen and Mia Farrow: Scenes From A Breakup

A storied love affair crashes in shards as Mia Farrow accuses Woody Allen of incest and child molestation. For the prurient, it was a delight; for Allen and for Farrow's motley family, a piteous desce

Woody and Mia. No last names, please, for the king and queen of Manhattan's glitterati. For a decade they were the wax-doll couple atop a cake at the wedding of popular art and social responsibility. He made, and she starred in, movies that played like fantasies of their partnership. Offscreen, their liaison produced the portrait of an ideal postmodern family. Unmarried, they lived apart yet loved together. While nurturing a rainbow coalition of privileged American kids and children salvaged from the Third World, Mom and Dad lived the city's most public private lives. Tout New York was their movie set, Madison...

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