The Happiness of Pursuit (Part 1)

Americans are free to pursue happiness, but there's no guarantee we'll achieve it. The secret is knowing how — and where — to look

Got Joy? (Part 2)

The time poll asked Americans what makes them happy. Here's how they answered

Free to be Happy (Part 4)

The declaration of independence enshrined the pursuit as everyone's right. But the founders had something much bigger than bliss in mind


Life After Easy Money (The Curious Capitalist)

The Fed is finally making its move. Get ready for the biggest market shift in five years


Cuban Evolution (World)

In the twilight of the Castro era, change brings as much skepticism as hope

Heir Apparent (World)

Why William and Kate's firstborn, due in mid-July, is already a figure of global influence

Into The Wild (Nation)

Alan Simpson and Grover Norquist hunt for common ground at the National Zoo

The 4 A.M. Army (Nation)

Every morning, hundreds of thousands of workers show up for jobs that are unseen, uncertain and underpaid--and vital to the U.S. economy


Internet Famous (Profile)

Comedian Kevin Hart fills arenas and is a TV and movie star. Meet him

Glowing Green (Environment)

A documentary makes the case for nuclear power

What to Read Now

TIME's book nerds trade suggestions for the season

Paging Summer

The authors of this season's hottest novels recall their all-time favorite summer reads. Plus picks from luminaries in tech, fashion, science, film and TV

A Model Apology (The Awesome Column)

If Paula Deen really wants to repent, she'll have to go the whole hog

Just Brew It (Escapes)

Together at last: fresh air, exercise and beer


Farming the Desert (Breakthrough)

New ways to get water. Greenhouses that stretch for miles. Qatar's audacious plan to grow its own food defies the limits of an arid land

Grid Politics (New Energy)

Solar power is getting cheaper--and Big Electric is fighting back


Spy Gains (Tech)

Using "social graphs" to predict trends, quell disasters and more

The People's Court (Supreme Court Memo)

On race and gay marriage, the Supreme Court finds for a changed country