The Last Party (2012 User''s Guide / Culture)

Some say the Maya calendar predicts the world's end on Dec. 21, 2012. Just in case, we've sorted your options for how to ring in Armageddon

The GOP Free-for-All (2012 User''s Guide / Politics)

With no limits on spending--or offending--in the primaries, Republicans risk harming their presidential candidate

Control Freaks (2012 User''s Guide / Culture)

Studios and networks will strain to retain cable viewers but can't deny want-it-now streamers

Drugs Zero In (2012 User''s Guide / Science)

Breast cancer, flu and obesity are in the crosshairs as drug companies produce more-targeted treatments

A Map of Trouble (2012 User''s Guide / Politics)

What will the Middle East look like in a year? Private intelligence firm Stratfor plots the possibilities

My Psychic Powers at Work (2012 User''s Guide / Culture)

Behold the boldest, most Maya-endorsed predictions you will read for 2012

Hello. My Name Is Sophia (2012 User''s Guide / Science)

I'm an American baby born in 2012, and I already know a few things about myself*

Pressure Relief (2012 User''s Guide / Science)

This year brings a breakthrough procedure to fight hypertension

Star Gazing (2012 User''s Guide / Culture)

These four groups are next up for the fame machine

Taking Off (2012 User''s Guide / Business)

Boeing's mostly composite Dreamliner is in full production. Expect less jet lag and more fresh air

Stocks for Safety? (2012 User''s Guide / Business)

Sovereign bonds took a beating. Why multinationals are better than nations

10 Questions. (2012 User''s Guide / Culture)

This time they're for you. Practice your punditry and forecast the coming year's news

Social Climbers (2012 User''s Guide / Culture)

Big networks will get bigger. But will they get better? Some status updates from 2012

China's Buy List (2012 User''s Guide / Business)

It's scooping up more commodities, continents--and soccer stars

Fight Club (2012 User''s Guide / Culture)

The blowups! The brawls! The brouhahas! A contentious preview of the year in face-offs

The End Of Cash (2012 User''s Guide / Business)

Mobile wallets — and more ways to use them — are making money less useful

Weather Beaten (2012 User''s Guide / Science)

The past year was truly disastrous; 2012 figures to be less so, assuming we stop behaving stupidly

Euro-Free Zone (2012 User''s Guide / Business)

How many drachmas (or lire or francs) will a post-euro cup of coffee cost?

The Son Also Rises (2012 User''s Guide / Politics)

Kim Jong Il's death set strategists in motion across the globe. Here's what they have to think about

Fearing Well (2012 User''s Guide / Science)

There are plenty of things to be afraid of. So choose carefully

Stealth Army (2012 User''s Guide / Politics)

Drones are getting more powerful, more accurate and a lot smaller