The Role Model: What Obama Sees in Reagan (The Well / Cover)

Barack Obama realized long ago that Ronald Reagan was a transformational President who reshaped the nation and its politics. Now Obama is fashioning his own presidency to follow the Gipper's playbook

Reagan Revelation: At 100, Why He Still Matters (United States)

A century after his birth and 30 years after he took office, President Ronald Reagan's optimistic vision and complex conservatism inspire and haunt Republicans and Democrats alike


110 Percent! (The Awesome Column)

Must all NFL players speak in boring clichés in the run-up to the Super Bowl? Not if I can help it


Where's The Beef? (The Well / Food)

A lawsuit raises the question of how much beef it takes to sell a "seasoned beef" taco. The answer: not as much as you think


On the Arab Street, Rage Is Contagious (World)

Days after popular protests toppled Tunisia's despot, Egyptians rise against their autocratic ruler — and key U.S. ally — Hosni Mubarak. Who's next?



And the Nominees Are... (Movies)

A stammering monarch and an Internet mogul lead the pack in this year's race for the Best Picture Oscar


Refreshing Google (Business)

The search giant looks to its start-up roots as it taps co-founder Larry Page for the top job



Stainless Steel? (Global Business / Sustainability Inc.)

The industry searches for new technology to radically reduce greenhouse gases

Tax Breaks for Jobs (Global Business / Investment Horizon)

Big Business wants them, and Washington may cave. But will they really boost employment?


10 Questions for Wendy Kopp (10 Questions)

The Teach for America founder has a new book, A Chance to Make History. Wendy Kopp will now take your questions


Decision Time for Senator John Thune (Washington: The Politics Page)

In the next month or two, South Dakota's John Thune — called "the Republican Obama" because of his low profile, youth and presidential bearing — will likely decide whether to make the jump from junior U.S. Senator to presidential candidate

The Skimmer

Book review: Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth by Mark Hertsgaard