Time Frames (Cover)

The end of history? More like the start. The 21st century runs on fast-forward, and the only way to keep up is to stop and figure out what really happened

2000: A Nation Divided (The Well / 2000 Election)

The 36-day battle over the Florida ballots was only the first test of faith in our officials and institutions

Remnants of Florida's 2000 Recount

Photos: Many of the items relating to the controversial election between George W. Bush and Al Gore have been preserved at the State Archives and the Old Capitol Museum in Tallahassee

An Election Day that Shook the Nation

Video: TIME Editor-at-Large David Von Drehle describes how events in Florida during the 2000 Presidential election sent shockwaves through the American psyche

Ground Zero: Out of the Ashes (Time Frames)

After nine years, construction of the new World Trade Center finally takes off

Out of the Ashes

Photos: A look at where the towers once stood — 'then and now' — by photographer Joel Meyerowitz, who began who began photographing the site shortly after the September 11th attack

Ground Zero Then and Now

Video: Photographer Joel Meyerowitz compares the pictures he took in the days after 9/11 to ones he made this year

Iraq: Missed Steps (War In Iraq)

The mutual ignorance between Americans and Iraqis at the start of the war would lead to tragedy

Video: The Cultural Fog of War

Bobby Ghosh recalls his time as TIME Baghdad bureau chief and how the mutual ignorance between Americans and Iraqis led to false assumptions that ended in tragedy

The Men Who Stole the World (Time Frames)

Four young programmers nearly brought down the entire entertainment industry. Then they disappeared

Instant Icons: Life After the Headlines (Time Frames)

They became famous overnight not for glamour or riches or simply being famous but for the explosive public issues they represented. Caught up in forces larger than themselves, they gave a human face to confounding situations like Iraq, Katrina and Cuba

China: Too Little Information (Time Frames)

All that talk about China becoming a more open society after the SARS cover-up was driven by wishful thinking

An Eye on China, Old and New

Deputy managing editor Michael Elliott describes TIME's long history of coverage of China and its relations with America.

Katrina: A Man- Made Disaster (Time Frames)

Five years after the hurricane, we're fixing the levees. But we're still not fixing the coast--or the politics that destroyed it

Reckoning With a Manmade Disaster

While the Army Corps of Engineers shores up the levee system to protect New Orleans from another hurricane, the natural protection of wetlands continues to be lost at an alarming rate

Was It Really So Bad? (Time Frames)

For Americans, it seemed like a lost decade. But for much of the world, there was no place to go but up

Shrek: Mr. Influential (Time Frames)

Pixar's animated features might have the cachet, but who has the imitators? Since his 2001 debut, DreamWorks' big green ogre has loomed largest in moviedom's top-grossing format


Where Is Our Deliverance? (Cover / Viewpoint)

Black America expected more from Obama, but the radical agenda of the Struggle is obsolete


The World

The decade in numbers: a snapshot of what has changed from 2000 to 2010



10 Questions for Ray Kurzweil (10 Questions)

As our TimeFrames issue reconsiders the recent past, we asked futurist Ray Kurzweil for his prediction of what's to come


The Long View

The news cycle propels us ever forward. But at the end of an extraordinary decade, TIME looks back at the stories that mattered most