Leaders (TIME 100)

Sarah Palin, Manmohan Singh and other global movers and shakers

Heroes (TIME 100)

The inspiring feats of an urban farmer, an air-traffic controller in Haiti and icons like Bill Clinton

Artists (TIME 100)

Lady Gaga, Conan O'Brien and others who make us dance, giggle and retweet

Thinkers (TIME 100)

Steve Jobs plus scientists, statesmen and a Supreme Court Justice

The Influence Index (TIME 100)

An in-depth look at who on our list holds the most influence in our interconnected world

Behind Every Good Woman (TIME 100)

How did the most influential women in the world get to where they are today? We asked TIME 100 alumnae about the people and experiences that shaped their lives, their greatest achievements and what they'd like to accomplish next

Parts of Speech (TIME 100)

The most influential people say the most interesting things. This year's TIME 100, in their own words



Norway Builds the World's Most Humane Prison (Postcard)

In Norway, criminals lose their right to freedom — but not to jogging trails, flat-screen televisions and orange sorbet. A look inside Halden Fengsel, the world's most humane prison


Under the Influence

In our annual TIME 100 issue, we tell you about the people whose ideas, innovations and actions are shaping our world

How We Made the TIME 100 List

TIME Managing Editor Richard Stengel and TIME 100 issue editor Radhika Jones explain how the magazine chose this year's 100 most influential people


Lenovo's Legend Returns (Global Business / Technology)

Liu Chuanzhi built China's first global computer company. Now he's rebuilding it

Hollywood's New Lens (Global Business / Front and Center)

3-D has dazzled moviegoers. But DreamWorks' Jeffrey Katzenberg says we haven't seen anything yet


10 Questions for Karl Rove (10 Questions)

The former Bush adviser is the author of Courage and Consequence. Karl Rove will now take your questions


The Skimmer

Book review: Hellhound on His Trail by Hampton Sides