The War Over America's Lunch (The Well / Food)

Getting kids to want to eat healthy food isn't easy. Serving wholesome fare at fast-food prices is even harder. How Revolution Foods is helping school cafeterias swear off frozen pizza and fries


Where to Buy a Land Mine in Sri Lanka

The civil war in Sri Lanka may be over, but you can buy a "land mine" in Jaffna — though they're more likely to explode in your mouth than anywhere else

A Question Of Character (Profile)

Britain's Conservative leader, David Cameron, is ahead in the race for 10 Downing Street. But the electorate still isn't sure who he is or what he stands for



Shock the Monkey (Books)

A novel of violence and silence from the author of Life of Pi

Actor David Duchovny

Even as he appears to be the most laid-back guy in the room, there's a lot going on for David Duchovny, who is shooting a new season of cable hit Californication and starring alongside Demi Moore in The Joneses.


Helping Hearts (Health Checkup)

Women survivors are out to change the notion that heart disease is mostly a man's problem

Lady Madonna (Health Checkup)

It's not easy to keep a family healthy, and the burden nearly always falls on women. For reasons big and small, nobody does it better

Chief Medical Officer (Health Checkup)

In most homes, women are the primary-care doc. Here's how to make the most of the role


Food Flight (Life / Travel)

At 30,000 ft., will celebrity chefs, brand-name snacks and gourmet salads be enough to unlock your wallet?


Boardroom Revolution (Global Business / Governance)

Female directors bring something new to Europe's firms: smarts

HP vs. Everybody (Global Business / American Re: Reinventing and Retooling The Economy)

The path to growth is blocked by Cisco and IBM. CEO Mark Hurd must now take them on

Kraft's Sweet Tooth (Global Business / Front and Center)

CEO Irene Rosenfeld talks some snack and defends the firm's buyout of Cadbury


10 Questions for Diane Sawyer (10 Questions)

The ABC World News anchor reflects on her decades as a journalist. Diane Sawyer will now take your questions