Haiti's Agony (Cover)

One of the worst-ever natural disasters in the western hemisphere leaves the Haitian capital in ruins. What it will take to rebuild


Can Robert Bobb Fix Detroit's Public Schools? (The Well / Assignment Detroit)

Detroit's public schools have been mismanaged for years and in some cases simply abandoned. Can Robert Bobb fix them? Can anyone?


A Limit to Compassion (Commentary)

Congress keeps extending jobless benefits. But what if that only prolongs unemployment?




Walking the Line (Books)

Joshua Ferris follows his breakout comic debut with a novel about marriage and madness


How Cows (Grass-Fed Only) Could Save the Planet (The Well / Environment)

Environmentalists have been giving cows a bad rap in recent years. Between what bovines eat and what they excrete, cattle production emits a lot of greenhouse gas. But if fed solely grass, cows could play a key role in reversing climate change


The Trouble with Fish Oil (Life / Going Green)

It may be good for humans, but it's threatening a species that is vital to the ocean's health


10 Questions for Harrison Ford (10 Questions)

The Indiana Jones star's new movie, Extraordinary Measures, is out Jan. 22. Harrison Ford will now take your questions


French Movie Master Eric Rohmer Dies at 89 (Milestones)

Director Eric Rohmer's career examining the finer points of young love began with My Night at Maud's, the 1969 chatfest that swept him into the global spotlight, and ended Jan. 11, with his death in Paris at 89

The Skimmer

Book Review: Crash Course: The American Automobile Industry's Road from Glory to Disaster by Paul Ingrassia