A Window On the War in Afghanistan (The Well / Cover Story)

As Washington debates what to do about the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, photographer Adam Ferguson captures and describes the daily lives of the men fighting it


An Enemy Within: The Making of Najibullah Zazi (The Well / Nation)

Najibullah Zazi has denied charges he conspired to bomb targets in the U.S., but government officials are confident they've got their man. How the terrorism suspect's background in Pakistan, New York City and Denver shaped him


Ahmadinejad: Iran's Man of Mystery (Commentary / In the Arena)

It is well known that Ahmadinejad doesn't have operational control over the nuclear program or Iranian foreign policy but the exact extent of his powers, beyond management of the domestic economy, remains a mystery


Following in the Footsteps of the Mud God (Postcard: London)

A group of amateur archaeologists dig for medieval artifacts in the riverine foundations of an increasingly modern city. Following in the footsteps of the Mud God



The Obama Administration's press for deeper sanctions against Iran hasn't alarmed Tehran — perhaps because the Iranians know the tactic has had checkered results

The Skimmer

Book Review: On Rumors: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, What Can Be Done by Cass R. Sunstein



Get Homeowners Off Welfare (The Curious Capitalist)

Washington loves to throw money at those who purchase houses. A lot of good that's done


Ardi Is a New Piece for the Evolution Puzzle (The Well / Science)

Ardi, the oldest hominid skeleton ever discovered, predating Lucy, offers unexpected clues to what our even more ancient ancestors might have looked like



How Moses Shaped America (Religion)

From the Revolution to the Cold War, the Old Testament hero has been the country's defining religious symbol. What we can learn from Moses today


Dreaming of a Rebound (Global Business / Hospitality)

Holiday Inn is transforming itself to stay competitive. But recession can sure complicate a strategy

Bubbly's Flat Vintage (Global Business / Strategy)

Champagne makers refuse to cut prices. Now they are facing some harsh choices

Cloud Cover (Global Business / Technology)

Like other IT services, the locus of data security has moved. How one entrepreneur took advantage of the shift

A Lesson in Giving (Global Business / Education)

Furniture maker Sagus has learned about the benefits of taking its R&D to needy schools