Detroit: The Death — and Possible Life — of a Great City (The Well / Cover Story)

Hubris, racial tension, myopic politicians and the woeful auto industry brought this iconic American city to its knees. The first installment of a yearlong look inside the once and future Detroit

The Committee To Save Detroit

They're not really a committee — some of these people can get fairly crosswise with one another — but if Detroit is going to turn itself around, it'll happen because of the efforts of these locals and many others like them





Chicago's Olympic Dreams

Dreams of Olympic glory along Lake Michigan face protest and fierce competition. Can Michelle Obama save the day? Looking to 2016, the Windy City holds its breath


What You Need To Know About The H1N1 Vaccine (The Well / Health)

At 5 a.m. on Sept. 30, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will launch its largest vaccine giveaway in decades. It's not the usual way influenza immunizations are distributed, but nothing about this flu season is normal



The Entertainer (Movies)

Michael Moore makes the financial crisis an epic crime and an epic good time

Noble Failures (Books)

Sometimes mediocre books happen even to good writers like Nick Hornby and Lorrie Moore

Ghost World (Books)

The author of The Time Traveler's Wife returns with a gothic confection of identical twins and lonely spirits



Brought to You by Twitter (Life / Technology)

More companies are paying tweeters to plug their products. Should you sell out too?


Eat, Pray, Love (Wellness / Nutrition)

Too busy to eat right? This pastor's family found a way, despite hectic schedules at work, school and church

Hula Hoops: From Child's Play to Real Exercise (Wellness / Fitness)

A few years ago, adults began picking up hula hoops for fitness. What might have been a passing fad has taken hold, with thousands of enthusiasts worldwide.

Hoopilates: Hula Hoop Exercise

A Brooklyn-based exercise instructor has brought hula hoops into her pilates practice. TIME joins her weekly 'hoopilates' class


Heroes of the Environment (Heroes of the Environment)

From saving wild mountain rivers in China to measuring the Arctic's icy expanse, from protecting the lush forests of Africa to conducting a feisty online debate, our green heroes are informed by this simple notion: We can all make a difference

Green Roundtable (Time 100 Roundtable)

Smart cars, organic farming, sustainable energy — these are all areas that we explore in our second TIME 100 roundtable. Three of our honorees talked with editor Rick Stengel about the future of the green revolution


The Skimmer

Book Review: The Clinton Tapes by Taylor branch