What Hillary Believes (Cover Story / Nation)

Her opponents say she tries to have it both ways. Pundits charge that she's slippery. Joe Klein sits down with the New York Senator to hear her side

Viewpoint: The World of Hillary Hatred (Nation / Nation)

Conservatives hate her for being liberal. If she deviates from that playbook, they think she's phony. That's why Clinton is stuck in a trap of acrimony


Pakistan's State of Emergency (World)

Pervez Musharraf infuriates his people — and embarrasses Washington — by cracking down on democracy. Will that help him fight the war on terrorism? Probably not

The Contender (World)

South Africa's most popular politician is dogged by scandal and dismissed by critics as a blundering oaf. But Jacob Zuma could yet be President

With Friends like These. (History / History)

What years of Franco-American relations can teach the U.S. about getting along with Turkey

Postcard: Katonah, New York

Martha Stewart and her company tried to trademark the name of a New York hamlet. They picked the wrong place to mess with. One community's fight over its good name

Sony Plans Online Game Studio in India

Sony Online Entertainment LLC plans to develop online games in India, with local content and a local partner, in hopes of setting up a studio in early 2008


The Real Health Care Radicals (Nation)

The Republicans have quietly devised a plan for reforming health care that makes the Democrats look conservative

Indecent Exposure (Commentary)

What is it? Westerners have no problem with bare flesh on billboards but pray in private. Muslims keep quiet about sex but pray in public five times a day. How the two codes clash

Merry Hallowmas

When we let our holidays bunch up, they lose their special power


Assessing the Mess at Citi (The Nation)

A CEO Prince is undone by a real one and a former mentor, leaving an ex-Treasury Secretary with a pile of rotten assets as a recession looms


Home Sweet Motor Home (Living / Living)

More Americans are taking up full-time residence in RVs, and the accomodations are more luxurious than ever

The Gender Conundrum. (Society)

Should we artificially delay puberty for kids who don't identify with their biological sex?

Being Fair to Crack Dealers (Law / Law)

The use and trafficking of crack have long been treated more harshly than the same offenses for powder cocaine. New federal sentencing guidelines aim to rectify that


Need to Weed Your Roof? (Going Green / Going Green)

Goodbye to tar paper. The highest spots on city buildings are becoming the greenest

AIDS Wins This Round. (Medicine / Medicine)

A new vaccine fails but yields clues to how it might work next time


Coppola, Take 2. (Movies / Movies)

The director of some of the most revered movies in cinema history talks about why he wants to go back and start all over again

Rhett, We Hardly Knew Ye (Books)

How a Virginia sheep farmer wrote a sequel to Gone With the Wind starring a very modern Rhett Butler


Person of the Year 2007 (Briefing)

TIME asked prominent individuals, including former Persons of the Year, whom they would choose for 2007. The nominations are in


10 Questions for Tom Brokaw (Interview)

He led NBC Nightly News and praised the Greatest Generation. Now he puts '60s society in the spotlight with his new book, Boom! Voices of the Sixties. Tom Brokaw will now take your questions


Norway's Power Play (Energy / Energy)

Its two big oil companies merge to create an outfit designed to compete with BP and Exxon as well as Iran

The Human Barometer (Front and Center / Front and Center)

Sam Zell timed the real estate market perfectly, but he's not out of the game

Succession Remedy (Small Business / Small Business)

Local pharmacists in Canada are passing their stores to the next generation, profitably

The M.B.A. Export Boom. (Education / Education)

China welcomed U.S. business schools. India needs them, but the door isn't wide open

Time to Hoard the Bubbly? (Business / Life At The Top)

Demand for champagne could outstrip France's capacity. One solution: England!

Business Books (Business)

One economist's proposal to overhaul health care, and why the candidates should pay attention. Plus: memoir of a Silicon Valley tycoon; Trump at it again