10 Questions for Tom Brokaw

He led NBC Nightly News and praised the Greatest Generation. Now he puts '60s society in the spotlight with his new book, Boom! Voices of the Sixties . Tom Brokaw will now take your questions

Gary Benson / AP / Discovery Channel

Tom Brokaw stands in Montana's Glacier National Park.

Why write about the '60s now? — Arthur Rice, Westerville, Ohio
It's the 40th anniversary of 1968 next year. And all but one of the presidential candidates—Barack Obama is the exception—are people who came of age during that time. That decade was the first full-throated roar of the baby boomer generation.

Why do we constantly compare today's youth and today's politics to those of that decade? — Jo Ann Douglas, Gulf Shores, Ala.
We're at war. It's an unpopular and divisive war. Again, the élites have the privilege of avoiding military service because it's an all-voluntary military now. We have a much bigger drug...

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