The Myth About Boys (The Well / Society)

We've been fretting about them for a decade. But young men are better off, socially and academically, than ever

Photo Essay

The Boys Are All Right

Photographer David Burnett celebrates the joys of summer


Is Fred Thompson the G.O.P.'s Savior? (The Well / Nation)

His party is in a funk, and there's no clear front-runner for the nomination. Can the actor-politician meet great expectations?

Power Outrage (Life: Travel - Law - History - Living - The Power Of One / The Law)

The Duke lacrosse rape case is fueling one lawyer's crusade to change the way prosecutors do their job

Matters of Morality (Life: Travel - Law - History - Living - The Power Of One / History)

Americans have always disagreed passionately when science and religion come into conflict


How to Deal with Dictators (Commentary)

Tossing out Musharraf isn't the answer in Pakistan. Here's what the U.S. should do instead

Off the Deep End

This year I finally got a pool. But joining the leisure class has its drawbacks


Summer Games (The Moment)

The sporting world struggles to play through a season of sin


An Ambush in Karbala (The Well / World)

Five U.S. soldiers died in a brazen attack last winter. Did Iraqi officials aid the killers? A TIME investigation


Antiheroine Chic (Arts: Television - Movies - Downtime / Television)

Cable's new women can be as good--and bad--as the men

Movies: The Simpsons Did It! (Movies)

After 18 seasons on free TV, the cartoon series comes to the big screen. Pay up. It's worth every penny

Geek God (Arts: Television - Movies - Downtime / Movies)

Neil Gaiman has been a nerd icon for 20 years. He's finally, reluctantly, going Hollywood with Stardust

Downtime: Aug. 6, 2007 (Downtime)

What you could see and listen to—and what you might want to catch up with on DVD


Parenting Subcontractors (Life: Travel - Law - History - Living - The Power Of One / Living)

New firms let you focus on the kids, not kiddie chores

Vacationing like Brangelina (Life: Travel - Law - History - Living - The Power Of One / Travel)

Does volunteer tourism give people a chance to change the world? Or are they just overpriced guilt trips?



10 Questions for Jon Bon Jovi ( 10 Questions)

The Jersey rock star who has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide is touring in support of his band's latest album, Lost Highway. Jon Bon Jovi will now take your questions