Get Moving! (The Shape of a Nation)

It's not just a matter of looking svelte. Exercise does remarkable things for your health. So what are you waiting for?

How To Age Gracefully (Health / Through the Decades)

Keep your body running at its best by adjusting your sports and exercise routines as the years go by

Exercise Tips for The Oversized (Health / Accepting Your Body)

For many obese individuals, vigorous physical activity presents some special challenges. Here's how the experts suggest you get started:

From Head to Toe (Full-Body Workout)

Exercise not only helps you look great; it also makes you stronger, both mentally and physically. For a complete, balanced exercise program, you should do four things:

Can You Be Fat & Healthy? (Accepting Your Body)

If you eat well and work out, it may not matter if you can't fit into your jeans

Rediscovering Playtime (Starting Early)

America's youth are in worse shape than ever, but there's a movement afoot to remedy that

Exercise Tips For the Frail (Health / Through the Decades)

Being frail or elderly is not an excuse to be a couch potato. In fact, if you're over 65, there's no better time to begin working out. Here's how to get started:


Schroder's Nervous Days (Notebook)

Germany's Chancellor loses local elections in its political stronghold, but he vows to fight on

A Welcome Mat for Gays? (Notebook)

Gay groups urge a "buycott" of Caribbean countries who are unfriendly to homosexual tourists


Manning the Stove

Family guys are logging more time in the kitchen than ever. Guess who's cheering?

It's Mrs., Not Ms. (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Connections)

In a return to tradition, more brides are taking their husband's name

The Big Cover-Up (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Connections)

How to keep the sun off your back at the beach this summer--and stay in style

Pinstripes And Pearls (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Connections)

Author Lisa Scottoline gives John Grisham a run for his money

Secret Travelers (Time Bonus Section June 2005: Connections)

That fussy tourist on your next trip may be working for the resort


Finding The Way Home (The)

The mayor and police chief of Bradford, Ark., along with eight other Guardsmen, are back from Iraq. But they, and their town, aren't the same


Beirut's Great Mystery

Who Killed Rafiq Hariri? As Lebanon prepares to vote, here's the inside story of the forces that led to the murder of the nation's most charismatic leader



Books: Suicide's Light Side (Books)

In his new book, the author of High Fidelity takes on the saddest, least funny subject imaginable