Pain Drugs

Why was the popular pain reliever pulled from shelves?

Can the FDA Heal Itself?

A permanent director and a new safety panel may not be enough to bring the agency back to health

Holistic Healing

At the leading pain-management centers, the goal is to fashion a course of treatment that fits the patient and the condition. Modern pain management draws on a full range of options, from Advil and acupuncture to vitamins and self-hypnosis


The Cost of Keeping Mum

Two reporters caught up in a probe involving a CIA officer are told to out their sources or face jail time


Born to Run--For 300 Miles

In the realm of the ultramarathon, 100 miles is routine. But iron man Dean Karnazes is no mere mortal


The Army's Killer App

Game designers go to boot camp to perfect the video game the military uses to entice new recruits


The Blink Presidency (In The Arena)

Bush's supporters would argue that his instincts seem to be paying off

Does One Case Equal a New Epidemic? (Notebook)

New York City health officials are confronted with a potential AIDS perfect storm--the first case of a promiscuous person who is infected with a multidrug-resistant strain of HIV, and whose disease has progressed from infection to full-blown AIDS in a matter of months rather than years


On the Brink of Trouble? (Time Bonus Section March 2005: Global Business / TIME Board of Economists)

The U.S. deficit isn't going away. TIME's panel of experts talks about what that means for the world

Another Chance (Time Bonus Section March 2005: Global Business / World Briefing)

Monsieur Tire (Time Bonus Section March 2005: Global Business / World Briefing)

Marketing: Branding America (Time Bonus Section March 2005: Global Business / Marketing)

Why on earth are U.S. companies handing out diplomacy guides?

Books: Mr. China Hits the Road (Time Bonus Section March 2005: Global Business / Books)

For anyone doing business in China, Tim Clissold's new memoir is a must-read

The Global Life: Adriatic Pearl (Time Bonus Section March 2005: Global Business / The Global Life)

Who needs St.-Tropez when you can visit this charming coastal city?


Talking with the Enemy

Inside the secret dialogue between the U.S. and insurgents in Iraq — and what the rebels say they want

The Trouble with Syria

An assassination in Lebanon focuses U.S. attention on Damascus. What price will Assad pay?


From AWOL to Exile

The military is getting better at curbing deserters, but a small number are fleeing to Canada. Here's why



Clint Eastwood on "Baby" (Movies)

On the cusp of the Oscars, Clint Eastwood, 74, sat down with his biographer and longtime friend Richard Schickel--who is also a TIME movie critic--to talk about moviemaking, money and the advantages of being a slow learner