The New Science of Happiness (Mind & Body: Happiness)

What makes the human heart sing? Researchers are taking a close look. What they've found may surprise you

Health: The Biology of Joy (Mind & Body: Happiness)

Scientists know plenty about depression. Now they are starting to understand the roots of positive emotion

The Power to Uplift (Mind & Body: Happiness)

Religious people are less stressed and happier than nonbelievers. Research is beginning to explain why

Marriage: Is There a Hitch? (Mind & Body: Happiness)

Does marriage make you happy? Or do happy people tend to be the marrying kind? The facts about wedded bliss

The Paths to Pleasure (Mind & Body: Happiness)

We all know what it feels like: the delight in a mouthful of chocolate, the afterglow of a good workout. A look at two systems in the brain that, with the right natural or artificial stimulus, conjure

Work: Thank God It's Monday! (Mind & Body: Happiness)

If workers feel engaged and content at work, they're more productive. How to make jobs so satisfying that employees want to say ...

Behind The Thrill Of Victory (Mind & Body: Happiness)

We root like maniacs because we are compelled by our tribal ancestry to do so. And because it's fun

The Importance Of Resilience (Mind & Body: Happiness)

Why do some children bounce back from adversity better than others--and can that quality be taught?

Get Happy (Mind & Body: Happiness / Mind & Body: Happiness)

Odes to Joy (Mind & Body: Happiness / Mind & Body: Happiness)


Law: Long Wait for Justice (Law)

The arrest of a Mississippi Klansman reopens one of the South's most infamous unresolved murder cases

Recharging The Mission

The N.A.A.C.P. is looking for a new leader. It also needs to come up with a new sense of purpose


Vices In Vogue (Notebook)

Even though old-line porn magazines have fallen off, the publishing industry has plenty of vices to cater to

Where's the Outrage? (Notebook / In The Arena)

Despite numerous reports of torture, there has been little public outcry over the U.S.'s treatment of prisoners

A Stealth Campaign (Notebook)

Three weeks before the election, Iraqi candidates still can't make themselves well-known for fear of violence

Fake News (Notebook)

Armstrong Williams of USA Today admits being paid for positive coverage by the Department of Education

Homeless Bound? (Notebook)

The number of homeless vets of the war in Iraq is growing


What the President Reads (Washington Memo)

George Bush is famously anti-intellectual. But he seeks out authors who share his views and looks for reassurance

The Torture Files

The Gonzales hearings reopened painful questions: How did abuses at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere happen? And what standards are we now following?

Where Are the New Recruits?

Critical to the war effort in Iraq, the National Guard and Army Reserve are drawing fewer enlistees. Will the troop shortage worsen?


Race Against Time (Tsunami)

As global charity surges, aid workers hit the ground in Asia. An inside look at the rush to beat disease, hunger and the destruction of the tsunami


Lost Apes Of The Congo (Environment)

A TIME reporter travels deep into the African jungle in search of a mysterious chimp called the lion killer

An American Tsunami?

There's no cause for panic, but the next big wave could be triggered by a fault in the Pacific Northwest


Is Small the Next Big Thing?

America still loves large cars, but the auto industry is hedging its bets. With knockout style, a fleet of sexy little cars is on the way


Welcome to His Unreality (Television)

Hit network shows aren't supposed to be weird or complicated. But for J.J. Abrams, the creator of Alias and Lost, the brainy popcorn is paying off

Movies: An Office Romance (Movies)

In Good Company makes good comedy from the ups and downs of surviving in today's business world