A Life For A Life

As America watches, a Texas town searches for racial healing after a grisly murder trial

The Old Well Runs Dry

Republicans thought a tried-and-true issue--tax cuts--would boost their popularity. Wrong again

Gotham on the Wagon

New York City takes on drunk drivers by taking away their cars. Can this be constitutional?


Ford's New Monster

The oversize Excursion, the biggest SUV ever, is making the company defend its green reputation


Fire Both Barrels (Personal Time/Your Health)

Five new studies show both chemotherapy and radiation are needed to treat cervical cancer

Cheap Real Estate (Personal Time/Your Money)

Office space is tight and rents are rising, yet REIT shares are scorned. What's wrong?

New Superchips (Personal Time/Your Technology)

PCs are starting to ship with Intel's Pentium III processors. Is it worth the cost to upgrade?


Freedom Fighters

From Kosovo to Kurdistan, rebels vie for independence. Here are the reasons some succeed--and some don't


Steep, Deep and Deadly (Environment)

Avalanches roared through Europe last week, killing dozens. Yet more skiers, seeking both thrills and serenity, are going out of their way to get into harm's way

Too Hollywood for L.A.? (Sport)

Now it's up to Dennis Rodman and a new coach to save the lackluster Lakers. Good luck, coach


An Oscar for Elia (The Arts/Cinema)

Our critic makes the case for a controversial but great director

Top 50 News Stories (Spectator)

(Of Last Wednesday) An authoritative ranking inspired by...well, see No. 29

The Faces of an Epoch (The Arts/Art)

Ingres's portraits captured the 19th century upper crust with uncanny precision, brio and power

Office Space (The Arts/Short Takes/Cinema)

Directed by Mike Judge

Trio II (The Arts/Short Takes/Music)

Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton


They Came, They Stayed (TIME Select/Travel)

Why not make your vacation a scouting trip for a great place to retire? It's paid off for lots of other folks

Oxford (TIME Select/Travel)