Your Technology

  • SKATE PRO In-line skates seem to get cooler and pricier every year. While the earliest models felt like clunky ski boots on wheels, great strides were soon made with lightweight, breathable materials and easy braking techniques. Now K2's $400 Escape skates feature a "Splitframe" hinge between the front and back wheels, so skaters can bend their feet to generate a more natural, powerful stroke. In our test-skate, the Escapes felt fast and light.

    SWEET DREAMS The new Dual Support System on Sealy's posh Posturepedic Crown Jewel bed sounds dreamy: longer mattress coils, with 40% more steel, cradle the body and provide firm support. And the compact, 4-in.-tall box spring (7.5 in. is standard) is made of reinforced fiberglass for better shock absorption. But the $1,000 to $3,000 price for a queen set could easily ruin your reverie.

    TEACH SMARTER, NOT HARDER This year schools will spend about $88 per student on computer equipment, but only $6 per student on computer training for teachers. According to the CEO Forum on Education and Technology, an alliance of business and education leaders, schools need to do a better job of training teachers to use computers effectively in class. At home, parents can help by supervising their children's efforts.