Tel Aviv: 10 Things to Do

7. New Neighborhoods

New Neighborhoods: Hertzel Street Uriel Sinai / Getty Images for TIME
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For decades, South Tel Aviv's gritty districts were overlooked in favor of the city's posher northern core, but now hot hoods such as Noga, Gan HaHashmal and Florentine are luring fashion and design fans. At Noga's Rose & Bloom, tel: (972-3) 527 9175, you can pick up small-sized home accessories. In Gan HaHashmal, which has evolved as a hub for the city's 20- and 30-something designers dabbling in everything from clothes to shoes and accessories, Kisim, tel: (972-3) 560 4890, stocks the city's best selection of locally made leather accessories. And in Florentine, top furniture maker Kastiel, tel: (972-3) 683 6334, has opened a sprawling split-level flagship.

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