Detroit: Side Trips

Windsor, Ontario

Travel Guide Detroit James Leynse / CORBIS
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Canada's automotive capital is gritty, but several relatively recent building projects, including casinos (concerts at the Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino regularly feature the likes of John Mellencamp, Tony Bennett and Al Green) are helping gloss the city's image. O.K., so there are more than a few Tim Horton's here, but Windsor is also teeming with excellent Vietnamese and Pakistani restaurants. And it has the best views of Motown, right across the Detroit River; take a stroll along the walkway by the river downtown.

There are two main ways to get to Windsor from Detroit: the Ambassador Bridge, which is just to the south of downtown, or the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, which emerges right next-door to the GM Renaissance Center, a gleaming shopping, hotel and office complex — and headquarters of GM — on the waterfront downtown. If you take the tunnel, expect up to 30-min. delays during rush hours. Oh, and be sure to have the required government-issued identification cards to get back across the border.

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