Lima: 5 Places to Stay

Delfines Hotel & Casino

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Delfines Hotel has an attraction unlike any other in South America: dolphins. This modern five-star hotel in San Isidro is home to two dolphins that frolic in an indoor pool. The hotel's bars and restaurants are centered around the dolphin pool for good viewing. The hotel has 206 rooms; the ones in the front of the hotel overlook Lima's premier golf course, across the street, and the Pacific Ocean in the distance.

Room to Book: The best room in the house is the Suite Olimpo, which has a King bed, sauna, Jacuzzi and amazing views of Lima.

Insider Tip: The hotel sponsors a dolphin-research institution off site, while caring for the two animals kept in the pool. Guests can get hands-on experience assisting the caretakers at feeding and play time.

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