Bangkok: 10 Things to Do

10. Hindu Worship

Sri Mariamman Temple Alan Copson / JAI / Corbis
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When Bangkok goes Hindu, it really goes wild. Lower Silom Road's Sri Mariamman, tel: (66-2) 238 4007, is the oldest Hindu temple in Bangkok, devoted to the goddess Uma and a special gathering place for thousands of transsexual devotees. The annual Navratri festival, held every October, sees Pan Road — also known for its Burmese and Vietnamese restaurants — crowded with thousands of fire-eating, powder-dusted worshippers, and the procession of deities is as fervent and frenzied as those anywhere else in South Asia, only more jolly.

  • 1. Sri Mariamman
    2 Pan Road, Bangkok, Thailand; (66-2) 238 4007 13.72247100.5237

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