Bangkok: 10 Things to Do

4. Art and Shopping

Art and Culture Center Manca JuvanĀ / In Pictures / Corbis
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Local arts activists fought for decades to get their Guggenheim-aping Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, tel: (66-2) 214 6630, which opened in 2008 and is still in the process of being filled with exhibits. If there isn't enough on display, cross the sky bridge to the MBK Center, tel: (66-2) 620 9000, where every product known to humanity comes at an aesthetically satisfying discount. Or cross the street to enter the warren of alleys that is Siam Square, where playful fashion shops, some fading art-movie houses and one adventuresome Whitespace art gallery, tel: (66-2) 252 2900, serve as the lively meeting points for Thai youth.

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