London: Side Trips

Paris? Brussels? How About St. Pancras?

London Eurostar terminal of St Pancras station Cate Gillon / Getty
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The St. Pancras train station first opened in 1868, and reopened in 2007 after an £800 million refit as the London home of Eurostar, offering high-speed rail connections to continental Europe. Take a trip from here through the Channel Tunnel to Paris, or just hang out in the station and admire the stunning building. A few features have been overhyped ("Europe's longest Champagne bar" is actually a long drinking counter with a distinctly average-sized serving area) and some of the public art, such as a towering bronze of an embracing couple, is execrable. But the Barlow Shed, the huge glass-and-iron-canopied terminus, is one of the wonders of London.

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