San Francisco: 5 Places to Stay


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Like metropolitan Ritz-Carltons across the land, the San Francisco incarnation is distinguished by its location; this one occupies an imposing palace halfway up Nob Hill. (Translation: good views, but not as far from dining and shopping as, say, the Huntington or the Fairmont.) Outside and in, it resembles the West Wing, only without the drama. The public spaces recently underwent a complete renovation to match the 336 rooms' modern classic décor. The new interior brings of the main restaurant, Parallel 37, brings an urban edge to this luxury hotel with a very relaxed and lively atmosphere. Think of it as a Greenwich-away-from-Greenwich for road-weary CEO's.

Insider Tip: The eighth- and ninth-floor club-level rooms give you exclusive access to a city-view lounge with complimentary food and beverage throughout the day for an additional $150 per night.

Room to Book: The Club Level floors boast the best vistas; the higher up, the better the view.

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