Letters, Jan. 5, 1942

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But the amazing resistance the people of China have put up in the last four years is beyond words. I can give my contribution as a token of partial realization of their superhuman struggle to survive. More than just that, the continuance of Chinese fighting strength is more apt than not to have a grim significance to us. So from a selfish standpoint too, I feel required to answer your appeal in the affirmative. . . .

It should be plain to all of us that an enslaved China would be as disastrous as a beaten England.


Bradford, Pa.


I am very glad that you decided to write to TIME subscribers in behalf of United China Relief. For months I have been intending to contribute, but never seemed to get around to it. Your letter furnished the little push necessary to overcome the inertia. . . .

I served on the U.S.S. Asheville on the China Station from April of 1937 to April of 1940. During my three years in China I saw some of the fighting and much of the suffering and grew to like and admire the Chinese people.


Lieutenant, U.S.N.

U.S.S. Arkansas

New York City

> TIME is proud to reprint this small tithe of the more than 28,000 like letters with which TIME readers responded to the appeal of Editor Luce two months ago on behalf of China Relief.

Contributions thus far have totaled $165,000. TIME sincerely thanks its readers for their generosity to their deserving Ally. It was a superb token of the bonds of sympathy and respect which unite the American and Chinese people. — ED.

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