Wildfires Burn in Russia

Tuesday, Aug. 03, 2010

One of the worst heat waves in the country's history has spawned a series of deadly blazes

The Dacia, the Romanian Car That Could

Friday, Jul. 30, 2010

The East European country's most profitable export, a cherished brand with Soviet-era roots, is thriving in tough economic times

Photographs and story by Richard Friebe

Thousands of Birds Die on Louisiana's Raccoon Island

Friday, Jul. 30, 2010

These poignant images of dead birds show decimation but do not identify its cause

Photographs by Andy Levin / Polaris

Northwestern Pakistan Is Ravaged by Flooding

Monday, Aug. 02, 2010

More than 1,000 people are killed in a region known for battles with Islamic militants

Women of Afghanistan Under Taliban Threat

Thursday, Jul. 29, 2010

Photographer Jodi Bieber wins World Press Photo of the Year 2010 for her TIME magazine cover image of Bibi Aisha

Photographs by Jodi Bieber / Institute for TIME

Ron Galella, King of the Paparazzi

Monday, Aug. 02, 2010

Jackie O. sued him (twice), and Marlon Brando broke his jaw. In light of Leon Gast's documentary Smash His Camera, TIME looks at some of legendary paparazzo Ron Galella's finest photographs

By Adam White

Behind the Scenes at Funny or Die

Thursday, Jul. 29, 2010

Everyone from Oscar winners to teen stars is clamoring to work with the hottest comedy site on the web

Photographs by Jeff Minton for TIME

Oscar de la Renta: Dressing First Families

Wednesday, Jul. 28, 2010

Hillary Clinton wears a de la Renta gown to Chelsea's wedding, the latest in a string of his outfits to show up at high profile First Family events. Here's a photo retrospective of the designer's greatest White House hits.

Story by Feifei Sun

Crabbing in the Gulf after the BP Oil Disaster

Thursday, Jul. 29, 2010

A glimpse into the daily life of the Landrys of St. Bernard Parish, who navigate through daily closures and openings to find crab grounds that haven't been impacted by the spill

Photographs by Matt Slaby / Luceo for TIME

Chelsea's Big Day: A Brief History of White House Weddings

Thursday, Jul. 29, 2010

As former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton heads into her wedding weekend, TIME takes a look at other presidential kids and their nuptials. —By Kate Abbott

The Pitchfork Music Festival

Thursday, Jul. 29, 2010

Mainstream pop may be struggling, but indie rock marches on, and Pitchfork Media is leading the way.

Photographs by Lauren Fleishman for TIME

Battleground Ohio

Thursday, Jul. 29, 2010

Leading up to November elections, Democrats in Ohio and beyond hope voters are angrier at Republicans than at them

Photos by Danny Wilcox Frazier / Redux for TIME

Star City, Russia's Cosmonaut Training Center

Monday, Jul. 26, 2010

The once secret Soviet military complex opens its doors to photographer Davide Monteleone

Photographs by Davide Monteleone / Contrasto / Redux

Summer Programs Keep Kids' Minds Sharp

Thursday, Jul. 22, 2010

Programs in Indianapolis and Baltimore help fight "summer learning loss"

Photographs by Cass Bird for TIME

The Jungle Hmong: A Forgotten Ally On the Run

Thursday, Jul. 22, 2010

In secret camps in the mountains of Laos, the remnants of a band of Hmong fighters allied with the U.S. during the Vietnam War live in constant fear more than three decades after American troops left the region

On Board the Rig Drilling the Relief Well

Thursday, Jul. 22, 2010

TIME gets on board the drilling rigs that will fix the Deepwater Horizon disaster once and for all

Photographs by Stephen Wilkes for TIME

Detroit's Hair Wars

Thursday, Jul. 22, 2010

In a city where hairstyling is big business, the annual display of salon talent is part art, part entertainment and all attitude. Here is a selection of the best from Hair Wars 2010

Photographs by Peter Hapak for TIME

The Rise and Fall of the Khmer Rouge

Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009

Three decades after the fall of the regime that managed the torture and death of some two million Cambodians in pursuit of agrarian utopia, the first trial of a Khmer Rouge leader has found Kaing Guek Eav guilty

The French Farm: Beautiful but in Danger

Thursday, Jul. 22, 2010

Hit by a shrinking agricultural sector, falling prices and diminishing European Union aid, French farms have learned to adapt — or die

Photographs by William Daniels / Panos for TIME

The Unorthodox Political Career of Jerry Brown

Thursday, Jul. 22, 2010

The man nicknamed Governor Moonbeam during his first stint as California's boss hopes to return to Sacramento

Scenes of a Stagnant Japanese Economy

Thursday, Jul. 22, 2010

In Sendai, dynamic growth has been supplanted by unemployment and stale planning

Photographs by Andreas Seibert for TIME

Australia's Deep-Sea Creatures

Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010

Scientists from the Queensland Brain Institute photograph creatures from the ocean's depths

Scenes from the Farnborough Air Show

Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010

Business is brisk at the gigantic biannual aviation-trade event

A Brief History of Women in Power

Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010

Fifty years ago, the world got its first female Prime Minister. TIME takes a look at some of the notable women leaders since then

Here Comes Ms. Senior America

Tuesday, Jul. 20, 2010

A gallery of finalists and winners from a pageant that celebrates the beauty of women over 60

Photographs by Sheri Manson / Redux

The Dominican Republic's Rising Baseball Players

Monday, Jul. 19, 2010

Teen prospects' futures in the major leagues are uncertain at best — the path to the Show is plagued with pitfalls and risks

Photographs by Christopher Morris / VII for TIME

Women-in-Prison Movies

Sunday, Jul. 18, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is off to jail. Could incarceration be inspiration for her next movie? Here are 10 films about life for ladies behind bars

China Fights an Oil Spill

Monday, Jul. 19, 2010

After a devastating fire in Dalian, emergency workers begin to clean up a massive spill on the Yellow Sea

Party on Germany's Autobahn

Monday, Jul. 19, 2010

Germany's Ruhr Valley region, the 2010 Capital of European Culture, shut down a stretch of one of the continent's busiest motorways. See what took place when the vehicles stayed at home

The Child Tobacco Farmers of Kazakhstan

Thursday, Jul. 15, 2010

A new Human Rights Watch report shows that young workers have been exposed to high levels of nicotine, as child labor helps harvest from farms that supply a Philip Morris subsidiary

Photographs by Moises Saman / Magnum for Human Rights Watch

Louis Oosthuizen Wins the British Open Golf

Monday, Jul. 19, 2010

The world's greatest golfers descended upon the world's greatest golf tournament. Here are some highlights from the home of golf, the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland, on the 150th anniversary of the famous major

The Two Burmas

Friday, Jul. 16, 2010

As Burma's junta preps the next generation of military and business elites, the vast majority in the Southeast Asian nation live in poverty

Photographs by Reportage / Getty Images for TIME

Kilikis: The Giant Bobble Heads of Pamplona

Friday, Jul. 16, 2010

Along with the running of the bulls, these giant figures are a staple of the nine-day-long San Fermín Festival

Haiti's Gingerbread Houses

Thursday, Jul. 15, 2010

Rediscovering an architectural movement that could help shape the Caribbean nation's reconstruction efforts

Photographs by William Daniels / Panos for TIME

Leonardo DiCaprio and Hollywood's Biggest Directors

Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2010

Cinematic titans have been casting Leo in major roles from early in his career

George Steinbrenner, 1930-2010

Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2010

1930 - 2010

Twin Bombings Rock Uganda's Capital

Monday, Jul. 12, 2010

More than 70 people were killed in a pair of attacks in Kampala

Pictures from the World Cup

Friday, Jun. 11, 2010

A gallery of images from the 2010 tournament

Holy Water: Controversy on the Ganges

Thursday, Jul. 08, 2010

An Indian dam has left many villagers without access to enough water

Photographs by Bharat Sikka for TIME

The (Darth) Vader Project: Revenge of the Artists

Friday, Jul. 09, 2010

Painted and adorned in all sorts of ways, 100 helmets shaped like the Star Wars villain's costume are being auctioned in Philadelphia

Beards at Berlin Fashion Week

Friday, Jul. 09, 2010

Facial hair is in vogue for German designer Patrick Mohr — even for women

As The World Turns - The Final Curtain

Thursday, Jul. 08, 2010

This fall, the venerable daytime television drama will go off the air

Michael Kirby Smith for TIME

The Would-Be World Cup Winners

Thursday, Jul. 08, 2010

A look at the countries that have reached the World Cup finals but have never claimed the ultimate prize

Solar-Powered Airplane Takes Flight

Thursday, Jul. 08, 2010

The Solar Impulse flew for a continuous 26 hours using battery-stored energy from the sun

Famous Only Children

Wednesday, Jul. 07, 2010

A gallery of one-offspring who have helped shape the world

A Brief History of Royals in America

Wednesday, Jul. 07, 2010

A look back at royal visits to the United States from Britain's King George VI to Prince William and Kate Middleton

Taylor and Burton, Timeless Romance

Friday, Jul. 02, 2010

For their new book, authors Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger got access to 40 never-before-seen love letters revealing the enduring and tumultuous love behind one of Hollywood's most famous romances

Underground Economy: The Big Salt Mine in Detroit

Thursday, Jul. 01, 2010

Nearly 1,200 feet beneath the city, workers excavate one of the continent's robust salt reserves

Photographs by Lisa Kereszi for TIME

The Greeks' Spring of Protest

Wednesday, Jun. 30, 2010

Photographs of the demonstrations in Athens by Angelos Tzortzinis

Diego Maradona's Quest for the World Cup

Friday, Jul. 02, 2010

The frequently controversial and always amazing soccer superstar has performed as both a player and now a coach. But while the Hand of God has resurrected Argentina's national team, can he bring home the championship again?

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