Welcome to the Chicken Swap

Thursday, Jul. 01, 2010

Fowl fanciers gather in New Tripoli, Pa., to share their enthusiasm for all things chicken

Photographs by Naomi Harris for TIME

Woman Soldier: June Moss

Thursday, Jul. 01, 2010

An Iraq veteran describes her experiences with war and its difficult aftermath

Photographs by Robyn Twomey for TIME

Inside the World's Most Humane Prison

Tuesday, Jul. 26, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik, the man accused of the July 22 killing spree and bomb attack, could be sent to Halden, a Norwegian high-security prison that aims to rehabilitate criminals with comfortable and thoroughly modern facilities.

Notorious Russian Spies Throughout History

Wednesday, Jun. 30, 2010

Ever since the Soviet era, organized, clandestine agents from the Motherland have operated in the West with daring and ingenuity

Profiles of 'Open Carry' Gun-Law Advocates

Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2010

The June 28 Supreme Court ruling on the right to carry an unloaded weapon heartens gun owners in Northern California

Photographs by Steve LaBadessa

The Kagan Hearings in a Different Light

Monday, Jun. 28, 2010

Photographer Kenneth Dickerman covers the Supreme Court nominee's appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Artifacts from the Michael Jackson Estate

Thursday, Jun. 24, 2010

Photographer Henry Leutwyler was given the rare opportunity to photograph the King of Pop's belongings as they waited in storage

From the book Neverland Lost, published by Steidl

What Booze Looks like Under a Microscope

Friday, Jun. 25, 2010

Micrographs made in a Florida State University chemistry lab reveal kaleidoscopic patterns in popular cocktails

Remembering Robert Byrd

Monday, Jun. 28, 2010

The longest-serving senator in U.S. history dies at 92

Multimedia: Apocalypse Afghanistan

Thursday, Jun. 24, 2010

From soldiers to civilians, photographer Mauricio Lima discovers two worlds within the war-torn nation

Menlo Park: The World's First R&D Lab

Wednesday, Jun. 23, 2010

A small village in New Jersey was the setting for some of Edison's greatest inventions

Wimbledon Photos: The Longest Match, and a Queen's Visit

Thursday, Jun. 24, 2010

A gallery of highlights from this year's edition of tennis' oldest Grand Slam event

The Alien Beauty of Socotra

Tuesday, Jun. 22, 2010

An island off the coast of Yemen is home to hundreds of plants found nowhere else on earth

Photographs by Tomas van Houtryve — VII Network

The Rise and Fall of Stanley McChrystal

Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009

A photo profile of the relieved commander of the American war effort in Afghanistan

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Monday, Jun. 21, 2010

Thousands gather to watch the sunrise at the ancient stone circle in Wiltshire

The Hats of Ascot

Friday, Jun. 18, 2010

Fans of the famed English horse races don their finest and most bizarre head gear

A Brief History of Bro Culture

Friday, Jun. 18, 2010

Beer and babes, a timeline of bros gone wild

A Mexican Meth Gang Wages a Holy Drug War

Thursday, Jun. 17, 2010

Fueled by Evangelical zeal and America's appetite for methamphetamine, La Familia Michoacana terrorizes Mexico

Photographs by Shaul Schwarz / Reportage / Getty Images for TIME

Die-Hard Fans: For the Love of Soccer

Wednesday, Jun. 16, 2010

World Cup fans go to extraordinary lengths to prove their commitment to the national team

Poker Faces

Thursday, Jun. 17, 2010

A new generation of stars takes over high-stakes Texas hold 'em

Photographs by Gregg Segal for TIME

Zimbabwe Youth Escaping to South Africa

Wednesday, Jun. 16, 2010

As the world watches — and descends upon — South Africa for the World Cup, thousands of Zimbabwean children have risked their lives crossing the border. Not so much for the soccer but the prospect of a new beginning

Bolivia's Tinku: Ritual Fighting Turns Deadly

Tuesday, Jun. 15, 2010

In the town of Macha, indigenous villagers gather annually in a kind of Andean fight club

Ethnic Violence in Kyrgyzstan

Tuesday, Jun. 15, 2010

A refugee crisis builds in the aftermath of Kyrgyz-Uzbek clashes

Politicians and Their Guns

Monday, Jun. 14, 2010

How holding a gun can help — or hurt — your political career

Iran: The Semi-Official View

Friday, Jun. 11, 2010

Though it claims to be "independent," the Fars News Agency is said by Western observers to serve as the mouthpiece of the Iranian government. A gallery of its coverage of politics in Iran from the last year

Stephen Sondheim at 80

Thursday, Jun. 10, 2010

A look back at the extraordinary career of the celebrated American composer

Teen Sailor Abby Sunderland Is Found

Thursday, Jun. 10, 2010

In the midst of trying to set a record for the youngest person to sail around the world solo, a 16-year-old goes missing in the Indian Ocean. But Abby Sunderland been found alive and well, adrift in the southern Indian Ocean

The Most Malarial Town on Earth

Tuesday, Jun. 08, 2010

In the Apac district of Uganda, almost one-quarter of the population is afflicted with the disease

Photographs by Dominic Nahr / Reportage / Getty Images for TIME

The Harry Potter Theme Park

Thursday, Jun. 10, 2010

In June 2010, Photographer Colby Katz visited the magical attraction at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla.

Bam! How Culinary Culture Became a Pop Phenomenon

Thursday, Jun. 10, 2010

A timeline of food as popular culture

Exclusive Photos: The Oil Spill Spreads

Thursday, Jun. 10, 2010

The Gulf coastline struggles to contain the mess created by the collapse of the Deepwater Horizon rig

Photographs by Peter van Agtmael / Magnum for TIME

Seeking Art in Science

Wednesday, Jun. 09, 2010

Each year an artistic competition calls on scientists at Princeton University to capture moments of beauty in their day-to-day research

Text by Jennifer Pinkowski

A Bar in Motor City

Tuesday, Jun. 08, 2010

The fortunes of U.S. 12, a bar and grill in Wayne, Michigan have risen and fallen with the local auto industry.

Photographs by Yusuf Sayman and Gianni Cipriano

Rare Visions of Rural North Korea

Friday, Jun. 04, 2010

In the book Red Land, photographer Liu Yuan provides a glimpse of life in the interior of the Hermit Kingdom

Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone: The Story of Mamma

Thursday, Jun. 03, 2010

One woman's journey from pregnancy to death

Photographs by Lynsey Addario / VII Network

Please note that this gallery contains graphic content

Victims of the BP Oil Spill

Friday, Jun. 04, 2010

Photographer Charlie Riedel discovered several birds covered in crude from the leaking British Petroleum well in the Gulf of Mexico, on a beach at East Grand Terre Island, Louisiana

A Brief History of Pixar

Thursday, Jun. 03, 2010

Since it released the first Toy Story in 1995 the acclaimed computer animation studio has turned out an unbroken string of hits

Photos: A Murder by the Border

Thursday, Jun. 03, 2010

For the people who live along the Arizona Mexico divide, a March 2010 murder reverberates.

Photographs by Christopher Morris / VII for TIME

Protesting BP

Thursday, Jun. 03, 2010

As the oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster continues to spill into the Gulf of Mexico, anger at British Petroleum inspires critics to stage bold protests

Shooting Tragedy Strikes in the U.K.

Thursday, Jun. 03, 2010

Police investigations continue into what caused Derrick Bird to go on the rampage and kill 12 people in the worst such incident in the U.K. since the Dunblane massacre of 1996

In Cameroon, Samuel Eto'o Reigns as Uncrowned King

Wednesday, Jun. 02, 2010

Football fever grips the residents of the soccer star's hometown Douala

Photographs by Ed Ou /
Reportage by Getty Images for TIME

Faces of Football

Tuesday, Jun. 01, 2010

A photo portfolio of some of soccer's top stars by Finlay MacKay

What Soccer Means to South Africa

Thursday, Jun. 03, 2010

The beautiful game is deeply woven into the culture and politics of the host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Photographs by Dominic Nahr /
Reportage by Getty Images for TIME

World Cup Posters

Tuesday, Jun. 01, 2010

80 years of graphic art devoted to the beautiful game

The Political Life of Japanese PM Hatoyama

Wednesday, Jun. 02, 2010

Japan's Prime Minister announced on June 2, 2010, that he would resign. TIME looks at his life in the political spotlight and his short eight months at the top

A Brief History of the World Cup

Tuesday, Jun. 01, 2010

Since 1930, the planet's most popular sport — soccer — has played host to a magnificent month of action every four years. In anticipation of the 19th World Cup, here are some of the tournament's famous moments
By Glen Levy

Scenes from the Marriage of Al and Tipper Gore

Tuesday, Jun. 01, 2010

After 40 years of marriage, the famed Washington couple announces an impending separation

Israeli Commandos Storm an Aid Flotilla

Monday, May. 31, 2010

The pre-dawn raid resulted in the deaths of nine pro-Palestinian activists

The Legend of Clint Eastwood

Friday, May. 28, 2010

The silver-screen icon easily carries the twin mantles of box-office star and Oscar-winning director. With a new film at 80, this American original is as productive as ever. Here his career is appraised by TIME's Cinema critics.
By Richard Corliss

Brazil's Town for Dogs

Friday, May. 21, 2010

A shelter for strays houses 1,600 canines

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