New waves, Ancient Shores

A look beyond the postcard views and political headlines at how ordinary people in the South Pacific are fusing new ways with the old

Turning Back the Clock

After over a century of contact, many Vanuatu people remain wary of the wider world, shunning cash and schooling in favor of ancestral ways

A Fair Cop

In a remote community, a young police officer is restoring the rule of law - and striking a balance between new ways and old

The New Head Hunters

The skeletal mementoes of tribal enemies and ancestors are being spirited out of Papua New Guinea in a macabre global trade

Treasure of the Islands

Robert Louis Stevenson lies buried on a Samoan hilltop, but his legacy lives on in the country's people and their stories

Riddle of the Bones

New discoveries in an ancient graveyard could help unravel the enigma of the Lapita people - the first humans to reach the South Pacific

Rediscovering the Joy of Surf

Tonga has waves aplenty, but its people had long stopped riding them - until a chance meeting brought surfing back on board