Living Under the Cloud (Cover Story)

The atom bombs dropped over Japan ended a terrible war and persuaded the world never to use nuclear weapons again. Why that legacy is now in peril--and what we should do about it

The Men Who Dropped the Bombs (Cover Story)

The U.S. servicemen aboard the planes that struck Hiroshima and Nagasaki knew that their missions would change the world. In their own words, four surviving crew members recount in gripping detail what they saw from above


The Yuan Effect

China finally revalues its currency, to the relief of a world worried about record trade imbalances. But is 2.1% really enough?

Give China Credit

Beijing's shift in currency policy is great news for the global economy


Here's to Your Good Health (TIME Global Adviser)

New spas tout the power of the grape with vinotherapy treatments. Wine bath, anyone?

Pyramid Scheme (TIME Global Adviser)

New 3-D travel experience is virtually like being there

Super Souvenirs (TIME Global Adviser)

Homegrown handicrafts to tempt you away from the tourist traps

Vacations for a Good Cause (TIME Global Adviser)

For travelers looking to give back to the communities they visit, here's some suggestions


Letters (Notebook)

Portrait of a Suicide Bomber