Back On Track (Europe | What's Right With Germany)

After years of economic decline and national self-doubt, Germany is taking the first small steps toward a revival

A Brand New Start? (Cover | What's Right With Germany)

A mild recovery could turn into something more if consumers overcome their fear of the future

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Is Munich Germany's most successful — and livable — city? Christian Mayer thinks so — and argues it should be a model for the rest of the country

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From movies and music to theater and fashion, meet the stars of an artistic revival


Bitter Aftertaste (Europe | Hitler Wine)

An Italian winemaker is using the leader of Nazi Germany as a marketing tool

What the Butler Saw (Britain| The Butler Report)

An inquiry faults Britain's prewar intelligence — but can't find anyone to blame


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Twin sisters Sonja and Bianca van der Velden are in this together — and they have plenty to smile about


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Athens, and Europe at large, face power failures


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Euro Rules K.O.ed; Hanging up in Protest

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Manila Gives in to Terror; Mubarak's Reform Move; Ex-Presidents' Secrets Trail