The Making of Modern Asia (Asian Journey 2005 / Introduction)

From the end of empire to the rebirth of China, from the streets of Tokyo to the beaches of Thailand, a journey through Asia's history stops at specific times and places. Reflections on those moments combine to form the theme of this year's summer double issue, which is introduced here by KISHORE MAHBUBANI, one of Asia's leading thinkers on its past— and future

The Miracle Workers (Asian Journey 2005 / Economics)

A South Korean backwater called Ulsan is where Asia's quest for a better life was forged

It Takes a Village (Asian Journey 2005 / Economics)

A band of hungry farmers in Anhui launched China's economic revolution

Seeking the Good Life (Asian Journey 2005 / Economics)

Vietnam is resurrecting the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail as a new national highway. Will it transport the country to a brighter future?

The Other Handover (Asian Journey 2005 / Economics)

Li Ka-shing took Hong Kong back from the British long before 1997

Empire Of the Sun (Asian Journey 2005 / Politics)

Japan's conquest of Singapore shattered the myth of British invincibility

Moscow's Graveyard (Asian Journey 2005 / Politics)

The Soviet Union's crushing defeat in Afghanistan triggered the global rise of Islamic militancy

Blazing a Trail (Asian Journey 2005 / Politics)

Gandhi's Salt March gave the world a glorious lesson in civil disobedience

A Place in Time (Asian Journey 2005 / Politics)

How five families tied to one Shanghai neighborhood made Chinese history

Native Son (Asian Journey 2005 / Culture)

Hong Kong in the 1970s was a city in search of a hero. Bruce Lee answered the call

Making the Leap (Asian Journey 2005 / Culture)

Wang Zhizhi shot for glory, and made China a global player

The Fountainhead (Asian Journey 2005 / Culture)

R.K. Narayan's childhood haunts show few traces of the great novelist. But the world he described is still vibrant

Design by Destiny (Asian Journey 2005 / Culture)

Limi Yamamoto wants to follow her famous father as a designer. But the Japan of his time is no more

Lust for Life (Asian Journey 2005 / Culture)

Memories of pleasure in postwar Tokyo

Celebrate Diversity (Asian Journey 2005 / Essay)

Why a Mughal Emperor's vision of tolerance is more relevant than ever

Asian Journey (Asian Journey 2005 / To Our Readers)

The Signposts Along the Way



A Swine Mess (Notebook)

A mysterious outbreak of pig-borne disease in China has international observers concerned

Letters (Notebook)

Rush Hour Terror


Sunset for a Deal

Swamped by opposition among U.S. politicians, CNOOC finally drops its bid for Unocal—and may be better for it


Drawn from Life (TIME Global Adviser)

A Frida Kahlo retrospective at London's Tate Modern captures the artist's iconoclastic career

The House for Kid Lit (TIME Global Adviser)

Newcastle-upon-Tyne hosts a new center for British children's literature

Alpine Chic (TIME Global Adviser)

St. Moritz makes for a sumptuous summer break