The Evolution Wars (United States)

When Bush joined the fray last week, the question grew hotter: Is "intelligent design" a real science? And should it be taught in schools?


The Debt of Freedom (Victory in the Pacific)

Sixty years on, we salute the local heroes who helped turn the tide of war in the Pacific

A Friend in Deed (Victory in the Pacific)

Working with Coastwatchers, Solomon Islanders played a crucial role in the Allied victory - and rescued a future U.S. President

Last Hero (Victory in the Pacific)

Only 12 Australians were awarded the Victoria Cross in the Pacific war. And of those brave men, only Edward Kenna survives


Shadowy Impressionist (The Arts)

In the 1890s, artist Girolamo Pieri Nerli popped up all over the South Pacific - and then vanished. A new book illuminates his influence