Mean Streets (Cover Story)

Asia tries to cut fatality rates on the region’s roads, the world’s most chaotic and dangerous highways


Terrorism's Harvest

How al-Qaeda is tapping into the opium trade to finance its operations and destabilize Afghanistan

Unnatural Disaster

South Asia reels from a double blow of flooding and drought, problems that will only get worse without better water management

A Whole New World

For North Koreans who manage to escape to the South, life is modern, strange and full of challenges


The Open Road (TIME Global Adviser)

A 400-km journey through some of the most starkly beautiful landscapes in Asia. Just keep an eye out for the enemy

Grapevine (TIME Global Adviser)

The Secret of Aging


Democratic Baby Steps

Amid suspicion and infighting, Iraq's first move toward an elected government is delayed


No More Heroes

Zhang Yimou aims to entertain with House of Flying Daggers


Strategic Retreat (Notebook)

President Arroyo's withdrawal of troops from Iraq has played well at home and cost her little abroad—so far

Up In Arms (Notebook)

A rash of gun crimes strikes Taiwan

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

Beijing Reaches Out to Hong Kong