The All-American President (Cover Story)

Ronald Wilson Reagan was a modest and good-natured soul whose presidency renewed his country's sense of direction


Hong Kong's Defiance

China warns the city to forget democracy and get back to business. But many Hong Kongers aren't listening

Trust Us (Viewpoint)

Hong Kong wants good governance, not independence

Military Maneuvers (Viewpoint)

Burma's National Convention is nothing more than a cynical political show staged by the country's military leaders


Aveiro (TIME Global Adviser)

Venice Is Jealous

Braga (TIME Global Adviser)

Essential Steps

Coimbra (TIME Global Adviser)

Tragic Love

Faro (TIME Global Adviser)

A Place at the Top Table

Leiria (TIME Global Adviser)

Best in Glass

Lisbon (TIME Global Adviser)

Underwater Wonderworld


He Knows His Subject (Books)

A former top U.S. diplomat to Beijing and Taipei looks at America's long engagement in Asia


Don't Look Back (Notebook)

A government critic's disappearance in Beijing illustrates the dangers of speaking out on June 4

By Royal Appointment (Notebook)

Nepal's former Prime Minister gets another chance, but the challenges are daunting

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

Iraq: How Did It Come to This?