It Is a Crisis

North Korea's atomic ambitions are real. So, too, is the prospect of a nuclear arms race across Asia

Kim's War Machine

With obsolete tanks, scarce ammo and scant fuel, the Dear Leader's army desperately needs nukes


A War-Torn Land (Viewpoint)

Will North Korean nukes rouse Japan from its 'stupor of peace'?

Waiting to Exhale (Letter from Sri Lanka)

The cease-fire in Sri Lanka has lasted a year. So where is the peace dividend?


Turning Up the Heat (Notebook)

Thaksin's government goes all-out in the war on drugs. But are the police taking justice too far?

Poll Position (Notebook)

Last election's foes are teaming up against Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian for the next runoff

Love, Exciting and New (Notebook)

A state-sponsored lovers' cruise hopes to bolster Singapore's dwindling population

Milestones (Notebook)

Nixon press secretary Ron Ziegler dies

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week


Under a Broken Sky

Mongolia's nomads travel a wintry land of hypnotic beauty. But as Phil Zabriskie discovers, their way of life is under threat


Slapstick Knights (Movies)

In his latest venture into topsy-turvy Hollywood, Jackie Chan once again lands on his feet

Singapore Girl (Movies)

TIME talks to Fann Wong, about her role in Jackie Chan's new Shanghai Knights

Look, Up in the Sky! (Comics)

The ultra-popular Japanese manga Shonen Jump is leaping off shelves in a new market: the U.S.



Take an early-morning flyby of the Himalayan ridge; or, ride with the hawks in Pokhara

Web Crawling

To find out how to get cheap trekking gear, where to hang out in Kathmandu and which airlines have the comfiest seats, check out these sites