Northern Exposure (Asia)

TIME looks inside crumbling North Korea, the starving nuclear nation

Viewpoint (Asia)

Will President Kim Dae Jung's signature engagement strategy, the "Sunshine Policy," be displaced by a "Nuclear Winter Policy"?


The Long Way Home

Many captives in Guantanamo aren't terrorists, and they deserve to go home

Last Stand

Finance chief Takenaka's reforms are under attack, making it showdown time for Prime Minister Koizumi

Rubble Trouble

Investigators are struggling to unravel the deadly nightclub bombings


Under the Wheels

The motorcycle rules in Vietnamóbut now bike fatalities are fueling a trade spat with Japan


A Star is Formed

Tricia Chen is going to be a Canto-pop idol?which means she won't be herself anymore


Milestones (Notebook)

For the Week of November 4, 2002

The Wrong Guys? (Notebook)

Terrorism has hit the Philippines hard in the last couple of weeks


Hot Spot

Hermes is just one of the wrecks that forms a divers' paradise


Polonnaruwa is one of the "Cultural Triangle" of ancient capitals