Attack on Bali (Asia)

You can't put a price on it. Oct. 12 refuses to be quantified, measured, reckoned, even estimated

October 12, 2002 (Asia)

A terrorist attack turns Bali's party town into a crucible of horror. A TIME report on the innocents who lost their lives—and the heroes who tried to save them

Taking Action (Asia)

Megawati Sukarnoputri is finally making moves to combat terrorism, but the war has only just begun

A Failed State? (Asia)

Terrorists take out commercial targets too. Will the Bali blast cripple an entire economy?

The Rage Culture (Asia)

Why does a moderate Islamic nation harbor terrorists and serve as a hotbed for religious extremists?

Silent Witness (Asia)

Megawati Sukarnoputri must tackle the roots of Islamic radicalism

The Moderate Majority (Asia)

Southeast Asia's progressive Islam can be a strong weapon against extremism


Look Who's Got the Bomb

Confronted by the U.S., North Korea brazenly admits it's building nukes. Now what does President Bush do?


A Sigh for Old Saigon

The made-in-Vietnam film of Graham Greene's The Quiet American looks at love and war, and the strange bedfellows they make

Afghan War Weaves

Years of conflict spawned a new take on Afghanistan's most famous handicraft—the Oriental rug

The Player

Meet Bollywood's most unlikely movie mogul

Mad Music

The Piano Tuner plays up the heart of darkness


Back from the Brink (Notebook)

On both sides, forces pull pack from the India-Pakistan border. How long can this thaw last?

Person of the Week (Notebook)

Indonesian President Megawati ignored warnings of Islamic extremism at her peril

Milestones (Notebook)

For the Week of October 28, 2002


Hot Spot

Issyk-Kul draws a mixed crowd


Central Asia's most spectacular market