Crime: America's Overcrowded Prisons (Cover Stories)

America's overcrowded prisons have failed as a deterrent. Building more of them and imposing longer sentences may only increase the crime rate


Is This Seat Stolen? (Elections)

Angry Republicans contend that dirty tricks at the polls tipped the balance of power in Pennsylvania

Map (Chronicles)

The State of BILL CLINTON (The Presidency)

His State of the Union speech reveals a hugely ambitious man with a bold, if sometimes messy, political style

Your Activist, My Mobster (Supreme Court)

A ruling by the high court enables foes to use a voracious racketeering law against pro-life leaders


Does Clinton Need This? (Vietnam)

He's ready to end the embargo against Vietnam now that Congress has given him political cover

Savagery in The Safe Zone (Bosnia)

The implacable civil war allows no room for childhood, as shells kill six young sledders at play in Sarajevo


Enforcing Correctness (Race)

A black Muslim spews bigotry, and black leaders nationwide are pressured to condemn him



The Price Is Right

Michael Jackson pays a hefty settlement to his boy accuser. But what does it settle?


An Old Bear, Laughing (The Arts & Media Books)

Once again, Louise Erdrich examines the cross-cultural muddle of the Indian reservation

Black Magic (The Arts & Media Theater)

In a London hit, psychic dungeons unleash dragons

Doomsyear (The Arts & Media Books)

A priest's fall from grace makes a clamorous mess

Growing Up Is Hard to Do (The Arts & Media Music)

No longer teenage boys, the New Kids on the Block change their name to NKOTB and do their best to sound their age

Rhymes Of Passion (The Arts & Media Music)

With a boost from Madonna, Me'Shell NdegeOcello is soaring with her broken-hearted revolutionary love songs

The Gay Gauntlet (The Arts & Media Cinema)

Now that Philadelphia is a hit, can Hollywood still shun gay themes?

The Salon as Slaughterhouse (The Arts & Media Theater)

Harold Pinter's No Man's Land showcases the cut and thrust of Jason Robards and Christopher Plummer as malign old poets