The Zoe Baird Debacle: How It Happened (Cover Stories)

The Baird debacle grew out of a selection process in which Clinton aides acted hastily and cavalierly in brushing aside an early warning

Thumbs Down In the Zoe Baird case (Cover Stories)

It was American public opinion that forced Clinton to deliver on his repeated promise of a higher moral standard in government


A For Abuse (The Week: Nation)

The FBI director gets a failing grade from the Justice Department

A Little Too Up-Front (The Week: Nation)

A Pentagon report nails those who prepaid McDonnell Douglas Corp.

Abortion About-Face (The Week: Nation)

Clinton's first big batch of orders lifts a number of Reagan-Bush prohibitions

First, Let's Soak the Rich (Taxes)

Resisting big new spending cuts, Clinton is finding it easier to trim the deficit through higher levies, especially on the wealthy

High But Not Dry (The Week: Nation)

Cellular-phone traces lead the FBI to a feared Mafia boss, in the shower

One Down, 13 Sworn (The Week: Nation)

The new Cabinet lacks an Attorney General after Zoe Baird withdraws

Rock Around the Clock (The Inauguration)

Mixing populism and celebrity, Clinton dances into office with a weeklong party full of star turns, saxophone riffs and presidential hugs


Back to The Barricades (The Week World)

Colombia's most wanted criminal ups the stakes in the bloody drug war

Deadline Met, Sort Of (The Week World)

The U.S. pulls a few troops out of Somalia, before the U.N. can move

Haiti: Lives on Hold

Thousands still hope Clinton will allow them to come to the U.S., but he plans to stem the refugee exodus by bringing back democracy to the troubled island

No.2 For Dr. WHO (The Week World)

Despite opposition from the U.S. and Europe, Nakajima wins a second term

Time to Get Organized (Diplomacy)

Saddam has given Clinton a breather, but the new Administration needs to decide quickly whether a less personal approach might be worth a try

Ulterior Motives (The Week World)

Bosnia's Serbs board the peace train, with travel plans of their own


Look Out!

Scientists call for a system of telescopes and missiles to avert disastrous impacts by asteroids and comets


Defensive Deliveries (The Week Health & Science)

Do doctors perform caesareans just to avoid malpractice suits?

Feeding The Heart (The Week Health & Science)

New watchwords for the coronary lexicon: LpA-I and factor VII

Malaccan Mishap (The Week Health & Science)

Yet another tanker accident. But the ecological damage appears light.

Valley Fever (Medicine)

A dust-borne fungus is causing an epidemic of misery and rising mortality in central California


Death Potion No. 9 (The Week: Society)

Facing legal prohibition, Dr. Kevorkian strikes again

Guns And Ruses (The Week: Society)

New York inmates may be shooting themselves so they can sue the city

Tale of The Tape (The Week: Society)

A camera crew catches a brutal shooting -- and creates a dilemma

The Honor Roll Murder (Crime)

The beating death of a promising student shatters the peace -- and the stereotypes -- of a privileged California town


The Quest for Redemption

Both Dallas and Buffalo carry special burdens into the Super Bowl, along with a sense of mission



Dragged Into Battle (The Week: Business)

Japan's NEC decides to compete in the low-priced-computer market

Ibm's Unruly Kids

In better times, Big Blue spawned Intel and Microsoft. Now it is in danger of being trampled by its own creations

The French Solution (The Week: Business)

Yves Saint Laurent reaches for the essence, which is financial

The Job Freeze (The Economy)

The most recent economic news is upbeat. There's just one little problem: nobody's hiring.