The Anti Oprah (Profile)

She insults her fans, and they love her for it. How Chelsea Handler turned her frank, vulgar comedy act into a media empire

Below The Line (Nation)

For a decade, the ranks of the poor have been rising. Debunking myths about poverty in America could help change that

Portraits of American Poverty

Danish photographer Joakim Eskildsen traveled to five states to document the growing crisis. His photographs appear in the new issue of TIME

The New Poor of Fresno

Chronic job losses, foreclosures and evictions have made for harder times in Fresno, Calif., which has suffered economically for years. TIME meets Fresno residents in an emerging category of poverty: the new poor

The New New New Newt (Nation)

Right on schedule, Gingrich surges in the polls. Can he force a showdown with Mitt Romney?

A Flicker of Consciousness (Science)

A vegetative state is a life sentence. New research on the minimally conscious may help commute it


The Penn State Effect (Viewpoint)

Will the breakdown of morals in State College herald a new era of responsibility?

Attack of the Euro Wonks (The Curious Capitalist)

Political, not technocratic, leadership is what the euro zone needs now


Big Deal. (Business)

Are investors gearing up for Groupon remorse?

Quitting Time (Economy)

More people are telling the boss to shove it--and that's good news


Super Mario Swoops In (Game Changer)

New European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi is the euro's last line of defense


The Dream Machine (Holiday Movie Preview)

Scorsese's lost-boy adventure is a masterpiece

While Rome Burns (Holiday Movie Preview)

Ralph Fiennes and Shakespeare go to war

Tintin In Hollywood (Holiday Movie Preview)

How Steven Spielberg brought the classic comic-book character to 3-D life

The Nanny-Cam Diaries (Holiday Movie Preview)

Jonah Hill plays a hapless babysitter in his new movie. How did he fare with a TIME writer's 2-year-old?

The Wild Irish Boy (Holiday Movie Preview)

Superhero, hunger striker, Mr. Rochester, psychiatrist, sex addict. Michael Fassbender can play anyone--with or without his clothes on

Move Over, City Slicker (The Awesome Column)

Billy Crystal isn't the only guy in town who can help save the Oscars


Person of the Year.

We asked TIME 100 honorees to submit nominations for 2011's Person of the Year. Some selections