At Home: The Private Jessica Lynch (Cover Story / Jessica Lynch)

Spend some time visiting with her, and you'll discover not only what really happened in Iraq but who her heroes are, what haunts her and how she plans to find her way back to normal

Jessica Lynch: Oh, God, Help Me Get Through It (Cover Story / Jessica Lynch)

After months of speculation, Jessica Lynch gets a chance to tell her story. TIME's Nancy Gibbs and Richard Stengel listened to her talk about her fears, hopes and heroes


The Insurgent And The Soldier

They view themselves as men of honor. And they are trying to wipe each other out in Fallujah, Iraq's red-hot core


Health: Drano For The Heart (Health)

An experimental drug no one expected to work is surprisingly effective at rooting out cholesterol

Health: Desperate Measures (Health)

As a last resort, more and more obese teens are having their stomachs stapled. What are the risks?



100,000 Friends (Coolest Inventions)

On, nobody's a stranger for long

Coolest Inventions: Camera Phones (Coolest Inventions)

Take two popular gadgets. Merge them into a single point-and-click device. Then watch the world go nuts over it

Web Shopping Guide: Welcome To The Surf Shop (Coolest Inventions)

What type of people are on your holiday list? Fashionistas? Globetrotters? Metrosexuals? We've got the perfect website and gift ideas for all of them--and more. Happy surfing!

Best Gear 2003: Best Gear (Coolest Inventions)

A peek at the most feature-packed gadgets, from cell phones and DVD recorders to cameras and toys

Best Gear 2003: Sound Wave (Coolest Inventions)

Music aficionados, take note: it's never been easier to manage your digital record collections

Best Gear 2003: Imagemakers (Coolest Inventions)

With crisp color photos and easy printing options, digital cameras keep pushing film aside

Best Gear 2003: Fun & Games (Coolest Inventions)

Toys are great. Toys with computer chips are even better. A musical platypus, a video game that watches you. What will they think of next?

Best Gear 2003: It's Showtime (Coolest Inventions)

Vivid special effects will blast into your living room with the latest in home-theater systems




Are They All Crooked?

THE ANSWER IS NO, but the mutual-funds scandal is about to get worse. Here's how to safeguard your investments


Fashion: Bowing Out (Fashion)

Designer Tom Ford and biz whiz Domenico De Sole took the Gucci label, known for cheesy loafers, and turned it into a luxury empire. Now they're leaving. Is this the end of fashion?

Movies: The Matrix Rebounded (Movies)

After the relative fizzle of Reloaded, the Wachowskis rally to bring their trilogy to a satisfying climax


At Your Service (Lifestyle)

Overworked? Understaffed? Virtual assistants may offer the help you need