Inside The Church's Closet (Religion)

Gay priests talk about their hidden lives, love of the church and fear of being scapegoated in the sex scandals

How Everything Works (Ideas)

Stephen Wolfram says science has been broken for more than 300 years — and he can fix it


A Taste of Rummy's Way

Enron-tainted Army Secretary Tom White runs afoul of Don Rumsfeld on a weapons program — and pays

Can Buddy Beat The Rap?

Spend an evening with Providence's Mayor Cianci. Folks love him — and the feds want to put him away

Luke Helder's Bad Trip (Crime)

A college student on a cross-country pipe-bomb spree terrifies the Midwest — but what was his goal?

California Scheming

Internal documents describe the amazing, code-named ways that Enron rigged the state's energy prices


Buy! (I Need the Bonus)

A widening probe of stock analysts shows how they have long played average investors for chumps


The Sound of Omnipotence (The Arts/Music)

Moby's follow-up to 'Play' fuses rap, rock and dance music into one of the world's greatest mix tapes

Stripping Down to the Roots (The Arts/Theater)

New Burlesque revives the time-honored tease routine as a lively form of self-expression


Of Brains and Breast Milk (Personal Time/Your Health)

Does mother's milk make you smarter? It seems so. And that's the least of what it does

Will Stocks Revisit 9/11 Lows? (Personal Time/Your Money)

Many already have and more will do so — but then they will turn. Here's how to position yourself

Wrestling with Thumbs (Personal Time/Your Technology)

Miniature keyboards are muscling in on the Palm Pilot business. Is the stylus still mightier?


The Saga of the Siege

The inside story of the Church of the Nativity standoff, and how the deal was struck to get the Palestinians out


Burn, Baby, Burn (TIME Global Business/Entertainment)

Sales of music on CD are plummeting. Homemade discs are more popular than ever. What can the big record labels do?

Gearmakers Cash In (TIME Global Business/Entertainment)

The phrase rip and burn is music to sellers of digital hardware

A Sun Rising In the East (TIME Global Business)

Businesses that look past Japan are finding new strength in the economies of East Asia

Power Players (TIME Global Business/M & A)

Since the Enron debacle, U.S. investors have shied away from energy companies. Not so Europeans

Global Briefing (TIME Global Business/Global Briefing)

Digitally tailored suits; unnatural leaders; paying by fingerprint; banks for illegal immigrants; jazz lessons

Psst! Got a Great Idea? (TIME Global Business/Trade Secrets)

Here's how to grow your business without giving away your trade secrets

Tuscan Earth (TIME Global Business/First Class)

Vineyard and olive-grove owners offer luxury lodgings to visitors

Whom Can You Trust? (TIME Global Business)

Here are the best places to find smart, unbiased stock research

World Beaters (TIME Global Business/World Beaters)

People to Watch in International Business