What Castro Wants (Letter From Cuba)

Motivated partly by regret, he's making an effort to get the U.S. embargo lifted

Our New Best Friend?

Bush heads to Moscow this week to complete an arms deal. The inside story of how he decided Putin was his kind of guy


Recharging Sears

Hooking up with Lands' End, the old store buys into a new idea: multichannel retailing. Will it work?


Lost In Cyberspace (Technology)

Thousands join up every month. A sequel is in the works. Is the online game EverQuest dangerously addictive — or fun family fare?

Meet The Beetles (Nature)

They're big. They're hungry. And they have a taste for North American hardwood trees. Can these bugs be stopped? The next few weeks may tell


Mended (The Arts/Short Takes/Music)

Marc Anthony

Emotional Rescue (The Arts/Music)

EMO is about feelings, the sad kind, but it makes teens and record labels happy

Goya's Women (The Arts/Art)

Demonic witches, cheeky majas, blond angels — he portrayed every she-creature the eye could light on

Turning Over The Last Page (The Arts/Books)

Dying of breast cancer, Carol Shields talks about her life, her illness and her superb new novel, Unless

Diane Lane Gets Lucky (The Arts/Movies)

After years of looking for roles as good as she is, the former whiz kid finally scores in Unfaithful

Lad Meets Boy, Grows Up (The Arts/Movies)

Hugh Grant channels Cary Grant in a sharply funny adaptation of a Nick Hornby novel

Sleepless in Alaska (The Arts/Movies)

In Insomnia, a tormented Al Pacino and a creepy Robin Williams tangle in a thoughtful whodunit


Learning While Black (Education)

You've heard of racial profiling on the roads and in the skies. But are minority kids also being unfairly singled out for discipline in schools?

Making a Priest Pay

The church didn't act when he said he had been abused, so Dontee Stokes avenged himself


Suicide Watch (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Forum)

An expert tells what to look for in seniors at risk

Brain Savers (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Health)

Want to stay mentally sharp as you get older? Here are steps you can take

World Riders (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Time Traveler)

From Vermont to Vietnam, vacationers venture forth on bicycles

Do It for Love (TIME Bonus Section/Generations/Turning Points)

The former Godfather star tells how he dropped out — and then back in


An Ounce of Prevention (Personal Time/Your Health)

Cancer doctors gather this week to share the latest research on keeping tumors at bay. Here is a preview

Women Aren't Afraid to Ask (Personal Time/Your Money)

They're more likely than men to seek good financial advice from a pro. Here's where they can find it

Surfing for a Plant Doctor (Personal Time/Your Technology)

Are your dahlias drooping and your houseplants losing hope? These sites can help