In Hot Pursuit?

Why the FBI is going after the bad guys in Pakistan but the U.S. military won't


The Doctor Is Armed

For Surgeon General, Bush picks a SWAT team veteran. Can he marshal the health-care troops?


A Mini-Mall in Your ATM (Technology)

New souped-up cash machines will soon sell you flowers, stamps, road maps and Lakers tickets


We're All the Boss (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Management)

Giving workers stock helps a firm only if it also gives them a say in how the place is run

Need Some Help Wiring Your Home? (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Technology)

Everybody is competing to sell you a broadband network. But who will make it easier to install?

Personal Chefs (TIME Bonus Section/Inside Business/Working Families)

Busy households are hiring pros to cook for them at home


Has Harvey Lost His Way? (The Arts/Show Business)

How a wandering mogul took MIRAMAX off course and plans to get it back on track

Circus (The Arts/Short Takes/Circus)

Son Of The Bride (The Arts/Short Takes/Movies)

Directed by Juan Jose Campanella

Did Video Kill the Rap CD? (The Arts/Music)

R. Kelly and Jay-Z were poised to make hip-hop history until a disturbing tape upstaged them

Heart, No Soul (The Arts/Music)

Celine Dion sings about love, but does she feel it?

Skin Deep and Proud of It (The Arts/Show Business)

Kylie Minogue is the quintessential pop lifer. And with her latest hit, she's looking better than ever

Murder in Six Easy Steps (The Arts/Television)

CSI arrived in 2000 with little attention. Now it's killing the competition. Let us count the reasons


When Aspirin Doesn't Work (Personal Time/Your Health)

It's a miracle drug for most, but doctors have discovered something new: aspirin resistance

Spring Cleaning, No Mops (Personal Time/Your Technology)

The messiest place in your house may be your hard drive. You don't do Windows? It's time to fix that