Throwing The Elephant: Zen And The Art Of Managing Up

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Author of What Would Machiavelli Do? and a columnist for FORTUNE magazine, Bing has written a wry 21st century courtier's manual that irreverently harnesses the wisdom of the ancient Zen masters. The elephants in this clever business handbook are the outsize CEOs and captains of industry who take up all the air and space in every room they enter. Bing offers advice on the care and feeding of such corporate pachyderms, but, more important, he tells you how not to get trampled. Drain yourself of all hope, he says. Don't expect anything--especially kindness. And never, ever, criticize. The elephant, you see, is really an overgrown toddler who still thinks the world revolves around it. Elephants know a great deal about a great many things, says Bing, but nothing about human feelings. Especially yours, the faithful retainer. So listen to the wisdom and the many jokes of Buddha Bing (ba-da-boom!), and always, always, "be two drinks behind the elephant."