Monday, Apr. 26, 2010

6. The Red Sox Fan

As even the most casual baseball fan knows, the altar that is Fenway Park sits smack in the middle of the city. This sucks for anyone interested in moving around Boston on a game day, but it's a convenient place for everyone else to gawk at and ponder the mythic Red Sox fan. Visitors and other observers can attempt, for example, to understand how so many people who presumably hold down day jobs manage to arrive three to four hours before the opening pitch to get hammered and watch batting practice. If you can't get tickets to a game, or the Sox are on the road, you can still pay to get a tour of the stadium and grab a beer at either the Bleacher Bar, built under the stadium stands, or at the Cask 'n Flagon, which proudly, if unambitiously, flies a banner boasting its ranking as "the second best baseball bar in America."