Monday, Apr. 26, 2010

Ferry to Provincetown

Though known primarily as the gay vacation spot on the East Coast (the city's official tourism site touts it as "the number one destination for same sex weddings in America"), Provincetown is also a great destination for run-of-the-mill heterosexuals and their families. In addition to having world-class beaches, the town on the tip of Cape Cod deservedly maintains its longstanding reputation as an arts colony, with a number of fine galleries and theaters. In the center of town is Commercial Street, which is lined with 200 stores and restaurants and serves as a full-time parade route, whether you like to march or watch from the sidelines. If you drive from Boston, the trip can take three hours or longer, depending on traffic. Save time by catching a ferry, available through either Bay State Cruise Company or Boston Harbor Cruises, and enjoy a scenic, 90-minute ride.