Kuala Lumpur: Finding the Perfect Souvenir

Peter Hoe Fashion And Accessories

Travel Guide Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Palani Mohan
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There's not much to be had in Malaysia that isn't better made somewhere else (batik, for example). But Peter Hoe is a pure Malaysian original, and his two boutiques unite the best of both contemporary and laid-back fashion and design. The first, called Evolution and located across from Central Market to catch tourist traffic, is crammed with his flowery shirts. The second, called Beyond, features housewares, jewelry, crafts and a more elegant selection of creations in cotton. The store takes up a loftlike floor of the Lee Rubber Building, once K.L.'s tallest (at barely five stories) and the headquarters of the occupying Japanese during World War II. There's much in the shop of seemingly Mexican or Scandinavian inspiration, but somehow it's also pure K.L. — a sophisticated oasis as unhurried as it is unheralded.

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