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If it's summer in Peru (December to April), then Lima's hip crowd can be found in one place: Asia. Not the continent, but the coastal district located 60 miles south of Lima. Asia comprises some 30 beaches, but people come here more for the party than the playa. There are numerous nightclubs and discos to choose from, plus summer locations of many of Lima's top restaurants. And there are shops — lots of shops. Most of the nightlife and shopping is located along a strip known as Asia Boulevard (Sur Plaza Boulevard), the area's main strip.

A nine-hole golf course was completed in early 2010, and at press time, there were plans to build major hotels and spas — meant to turn Asia into a year-round destination. Currently, the top hotel here is Aquavit Hotel & Casino, with rates between $170 and $250 per night.

Asia Boulevard is a 1½-hour, $40 cab ride from Lima, located at Kilometer 97.5 of the Pan-American Highway South (Pan-Americana Sur).

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